Run, Eat, Run, Eat

After 10 days in Montana it’s good to be home and training on familiar trails. What had started to become monotonous and routine seems fresh and exciting again. The joy we find after taking a break! The trail runs in Montana were amazing. The 7,000 ft elevation gain in Glacier National Park from 3,000 ft to 10,000 ft, was the best training I’ve had so far. It was close to 30 miles up and back in about 7 hours. There are some photos posted in the gallery. Excellent trail conditions until I hit the timberline, then mostly scree and assorted geological surprises. I better get used to it – that will be the first 10 miles of the marathon except it will also be covered in snow. So far I’ve run in the Marin Headlands last Saturday, Mt Tam on Sunday & had a killer cross-fit workout on Monday. I’m looking forward to another 10 miler in the Headlands early tomorrow morning before work and then a long run (20 miles) on Saturday possibly on Mt Diablo. My meal planning is on target. Once I passed over the Carbonara last night and went straight to the salmon on greens I let go of that moment of temptation and enjoyed the satisfaction that comes with making the right choice.

Montana Training Run

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