100 Push Ups & good press

This has been a day of gifts. The most important by any measure is the birth of my second grandchild, a little girl unnamed as of right now (although I am hoping for Charlotte). The second was to have a well written article about the marathon on the front page of our local paper. The third was to kick-ass in my morning work-out: 100 push-ups, 6 rounds of Pagoda Lane’s heinous stairs carrying 40 lbs of weights!

To all of you who “like” and “comment” on my usually hokey postings on Facebook, to my friends all over the world who indulge me with words of encouragement, to Mary-Alice who gives up her own work-out so she can meet me in the dark at 6 AM to train, to my AMAZING team of colleagues at Pacific Union International who offer me so many words of support even when they must wonder WTF some of the time, to everyone who is now “following” me, to the news agencies and websites who have picked up this story and given it exposure, to the strangers I have met who are not strangers any more, to everyone who has opened their wallet for this worthy cause or forwarded this website or story in one form or another to others so that they too may donate, my heartfelt thanks.


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