One step at a time

It feel like such a long time since I’ve had communication. We have covered a lot of ground since my last entry. I spend a good part of each day thinking about what to write once I have the opportunity – finally that time is now. The effects of travelling in this part of the world are dramatic in many ways. The “romantic’ idea of trekking in the Himalayas is quickly dispelled after a few days/nights inhaling dust, waking to ice inside your tent, eating canned fish, potatoes or rice, porridge, eggs and tea, tea, tea! Everyone has contacted the Khumbu cough which is a dry hacking number that lives deep in your chest. I’ve had it for a week and now it’s been joined by a sinus infection that has given my nose the same cracked, crusty look as my lips. This is why you are not getting any photos:) At least I have not experienced the unpleasant effects of Accute Mountain Sickness, many in our party have. So far only 1 fellow has had to abandon the race and go back down to Namche.

Maybe it’s because I have been here 3 times before and knew what to expect that has saved me from some of the downside others are feeling. This is a tough trip, physically & mentally but we are all focused on getting to race day.

We have been incredibly lucky with the weather. We have had clear blue skies each day allowing us to trek with incredible views of Everest, Ama Dablma, Nuptse, Lhotse, Thamserku – stunning. There is no other place in the world where sound does not exist. I like to walk alone a good part of the day for that reason. We have covered almost 80 miles and climbed up to 16,000+ ft. You are going straight up or straight down and any misstep will have dire consequences. Thus you focus like a laser on every step. Knowing that we are walking part of the marathon course really gives us pause to wonder “how the hell am I going to

a.) finish before dark

b.) not get lost

I keep visualizing myself crossing the finish line. We will all be relieved when this is done. We are sleeping in Pheriche tonight then climbing up to Lobuche for 2 nights and then Gorak Shep for the night before race day. If you are following on google earth check out these areas. They are freezing, desolate glacial areas on moraine and scree. Why do I love this?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. PUI – I think about you everyday and wonder what our marketshare is:)

Thanks for all your support and comments. There is no greater reward in life than that feeling of finishing what you started. It’s 3:12PM and I need to go find my down jacket.

Sending you joy and gratitude,


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