Ready to RUN!

We arrived at Gorak Shep today. It was very tough going. Lots of climbing over glacier moraine and scree. We are at almost 17,200 ft and it feels like it. Coming up I would have to stop about every 8 minutes and rest, breathe. Occasionally take some water and ofcourse snap some photos. These are the highest glaciers in the world and they are magnificent. I’m so glad I have not experienced the AMS symptoms that have plagued so many. Yesterday they had to bring a woman down from Kala Pathar on horseback she was so sick. This is the last place I would want to be ill.

Everyone is looking forward to the 6:30 start tomorrow morning. We are all done with the dirt, food, cold, generally difficult conditions. We all had our final medical checks this morning and got our race numbers – always an exciting time in any event. We are required to start off in 3 layers consisting of tights or whatever you will eventually strip down to, a fleece layer and wind/waterproof top. Hat, gloves, whistle, headlamp, extra batteries, survival bag and off we go. Seems like a lot but considering the early morning conditions its understandable. I have sent a couple of pictures to my colleagues and asked that they upload them to this blog. They will do a far better job of explaining where I am than any words ever could.

I’m still concerned about getting lost on the way back to Namche. Frankly, this is nuts and we all agree on that. Adventure racing is a totally different sport and I am embracing it on every level. Attitude at altitude – that sums it up. Keeping positive is as important as anything else. I’m sick of being dirty, sick of dirty clothes. lips and nose are scabbed out, hacking cough won’t go away, blah blah blah. It will all disapear when I cross the finish line.

Thanks for all your comments – sorry I cannot reply back. It’s amazing I have technology available in these parts – we are all connected in many ways. Your comments on this blog and Facebook move me forward every time I read them. I can’t believe I will be home next week – no more sleeping bag!!


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