Turning intimidation to inspiration

Gorak Shep just below Everest Base Camp

The more I look at pictures like the one above and wander through my memories of past trips to the Everest region, the more I admit to myself occasional moments of anxiety. Feeling anxious is acceptable, self-doubt is not. I have kept to a strict routine since May. I have approached this in a methodical way down to the last detail. I’ve worked hard both mentally and physically to prepare. By all outward assessments I’ve done a good job and I’m ready to go. So why do I feel like I need to increase my training! Get “serious!” I started writing this at 5 AM this morning. The more I delved into my feelings the more unsettled I felt. Then it started to creep into other areas of my life where preparation is a huge factor. I started stressing on the regional meeting I’m having today, the 42 new emails from 2 different accounts that came in since I last checked 30 min ago. I even looked at my dog and thought maybe I don’t walk her enough (she’s the most over-walked dog in Tiburon.) When the spiral begins I get up and move around. I threw on my clothes and drove to Tennessee Valley still unable to completely shift back to a balanced place. As soon as I stepped onto Marincello Trail and started to run I experienced magic. My focus did a 180 from feeling overwhelmed to feeling joyful and free. I hadn’t run since Saturday and I think the days off gave my body a much needed rest because I shaved a full 5 minutes off my 8 mile run. It was strong and easy, everything felt in synch. I left my anxiety in the parking lot and when I got back it was gone.



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