What to wear?

My typical Saturday outfit consists of a combination of the above. Hydration pack or handheld water bottles? Gels or “food”? Brew or plain water? Salt sticks or salty nuts? Usually it’s water and a couple of Block Shots. This past Saturday was probably my last long run before I leave on Nov. 12. It was a beautiful day and 20 miles went by in about 5 hours. I felt strong but my left knee is starting to feel the impact of what could be described as “over training”. I’m icing and using a roller 2x/ day on my IT bands. I didn’t know anything could be so painful! A harmless foam roller that looks like a cheap pool toy digs and tears into the iliotibial band, a tough group of fibers that run along the outside of the thigh.

Tell me this does not look painful? Rest, ice, blah blah blah. Every article on treatment ends with “use a foam roller” so I am.

I have been talking to various companies whose products I’d like to have to see if they would be willing to donate equipment. Top of my list is GoPro HD Video Cameras. They responded to my request with a 40% sponsorship discount. I can attach it to the chest strap on my pack and record a lot of the run as well as the trek to Gorak Shep. I appreciate their generosity.

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