When have I laid it all on the line to make my dream come true?

This is a tough one. How to thank so many people who have made the last 7 months the adventure of a lifetime. “We” are going to fill that plane in a few hours! I’m not sure how many seats are on a 777 but I feel like discreetly putting your names on each one. I’m sure my bags are over the weight limit, they are so filled talismans and other symbols of love and safe travel. They are all going with me. Last night Barb sewed colored threads onto the sleeve of my favorite running top w/ each color representing the people and animals closest to me. Such a little thing when you look at it but huge in every other way.

Thursday night’s sendoff party was amazing for me. Thank you M-A for organizing such a wonderful time, loved your speech, I love you. Thanks to everyone who came and to those who couldn’t the real party will be when I get back.

I have raised over $12,000 through donations to the Everest Marathon Fund! That is just phenomenal. Those of you who donated by check – I have added your names and donation amount to the Giving site. Please take  a look.

The only snafu so far (I hope) was when I drove up to the bank yesterday to get cash for my trip. I had $15 on me. Imagine my heart rate when I saw the bank was very dark and then realized it was Veteran’s Day and there would be no withdrawal of travel funds for Brent. Once I peeled myself off the roof I began the humbling process of calling for help. It must have looked like the most unlikely of drug deals as I met Mary-Alice, Janet, Barb in parking lots as they handed me wads of cash through the car window. Hey ladies, your checks are in the mail!

I have a camera, GoPro wearable video camera, iPhone and iPad so there’s a good chance you will be hearing from me :). I’ll continue these blogs as often as possible and will do my best to make them interesting. I really don’t think that will be a problem though.

Have a dream. Set the goal. Prepare. Release. Go!

See you on Dec 8.

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