Work & Work-out

The clock is ticking and I have just over a month left to prepare. It’s time to get serious about the “list”. The “GO PRO HD VIDEO” camera that can be attached to a chest strap is turning out to be a must have. Also, the “SPOT CONNECT GPS” which will allow me to send text messages and be tracked as I go, (“hey! why isn’t that dot moving?”). I had 2 interviews and photoshoots this weekend, 1 with and the other with the Marin IJ. I’m happy and surprised by the amount of interest there is in what I’m doing. More exposure = more donations. The generosity of my friends has been overwhelming.

Every week I try to replicate some part of the trip that I will have to deal with physically and mentally. I’ve limited the foods I eat to be more in line with what I’ll be eating on the trek. I took 1 15 mile run in 90 degree heat without water (body stress testing) and this week I plan to stay up for the 2 days prior to my Saturday long run. Each time I have been at altitude over 14,000 ft I have had difficulty sleeping. If I don’t sleep for several days before the race I want to know that I can still run and finish. It’s such a mental thing for me but if I push through something one time it’s embedded in my psyche and the obstacle goes away. “Been there done that” isn’t such a hokey phrase after all.

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