Workout in the dark as more information on the run comes to light

Monday and Friday I workout with Mary-Alice at 6 AM. It’s dark and only going to get darker. No matter, my eyes adjust quickly and I see the free weights have moved from 12lbs to 20lbs each. As with any goal as it becomes closer your preparation and focus have to increase. With 71 days to go we are bumping up my workouts and the intensity with which I train. I can see the results of the strength training and it’s positive impact on my running. The hardest thing for me is to take those “rest days” off. That is a real challenge for me.

The race organizers finally sent out the roster of runners and their home countries. I was somewhat surprised to learn there are 27 women registered – more than I expected. Out of the 75 entrants 2 have had to drop out for medical reasons. I’m sure they are disappointed and I hope things go well for them. I feel a sense of camaraderie with these “strangers” based on the singular fact that we have all chosen to participate in this adventure, to put our bodies and minds through some tough extremes. When I’m training at this level I know there are 72 other people in 15 other countries around the world working just as hard (maybe harder?) in anticipation of Dec 2.

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