Brent Runs Everest


Read what others have to say about Brent on her quest to conquer Everest.

Mill Valley's Thomson tackles marathon on Mount Everest
Date: Oct 2011
Author: Mark O'Meara

RUNNING IS BOTH a mind and body experience for Brent Thomson. When the 59-year-old Mill Valley woman takes her first steps in the Everest Marathon later this year, she will put both to the test....

Interview: Brent Thomson Prepares To Run The World's Highest Marathon
Date: Oct 2011
Author: Pamela Burke

The race starts on Mt. Everest in Nepal at 17,200 feet and ends 6,000 feet below. It's a helicopter ride in and a 30 mile trek to the starting point...

Down the Mountain, But Not Over the Hill
Publisher: The Ark Newspaper
Date: Sept 2011
Author: Teri Roney

If you've ever doubted that 60 is the new 40, meet the unconventional Brent Thomson, senior vice president of Pacific Union International, who is leaving for Nepal in November...

Publisher: Pacific Union International Press Release
Date: Sept 2011
Author: Jenny Randall

MILL VALLEY, CALIF (DATE)-Pacific Union International (PUI) real estate professional Brent Thomson is set to compete in the world's highest, most grueling marathons-the Everest Marathon-December...

A Mountain Marathon
Publisher: Marin Magazine
Date: Sept 2011
Author: NA

At age 59, Brent thomson will be running the everest...